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SSTS State License #2926

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The Basics for Septic System Owners

luke kleindl, jim wickenhauser
Luke Kleindl gets trained in by Jim Wickenhauser to carry on the family business

Our Suppliers

Wm Mueller & Sons, Inc
Wm Mueller & Sons provides our black dirt, binder rock, sand, gravel and much more.

Belle Plaine Block & Tile
Belle Plaine Bock & Tile provides our septic tanks, Gould septic pumps, pvc pipe, and many other parts.

Common Problems or Questions Regarding Septic Systems

   Thank you Julie and Andy for the quick service and reasonable charge to keep our sewer line running and for pumping out the tank.
Tom K.
Your local septic system providers since 1981. Quality service and experience you can count on!
   Licensed by the State of Minnesota to install, pump, inspect and certify septic systems.
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